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About Earcons Chairs

Earcons Acoustic Building System began to serve the needs of the Multiplex Chairs, Auditorium Chairs, & Home Theater Chairs in India and around Middle East country through Earcons Chairs. Over the course of our pioneering history, with nearly 20 years experience we have evolved into the world's largest provider of Multiplex Chairs, Auditorium Chairs, Home Theater Chairs, cinema Chairs and Stadium Chairs. Our excellent reputation has been built on our commitment to design and manufacture top quality products to make the world a quieter place. We recognize that understanding our clients' requirements and goals is the key to our success. With that in mind, we look forward to doing business with you wherever you are in the world.

Since its inception "Earcons Acoustic Building System" has grown to become the prominent in the field of Dry Walls, Acoustical Ceilings, Walls & Floors. Across all areas of the sound control materials sector, we deliver solutions to address all types of your most important processing challenges. Our commitment to improving the use of water, reducing energy consumption, and improving process operations will lead to enhanced asset life, reduced total operating costs, and improved production quality and output to improve your bottom line results.

Earcons Acoustic brings a fresh and innovative approach to Acoustical Ceiling, Wall Paneling Dry Wall Construction business. Acoustics provides comprehensive consulting to achieve the proper balance among architectural, acoustical, visual, stage and other space requirements to satisfy clients' goals, while meeting requirements relating to budget and schedule. Our extensive experience from many successfully completed projects, plus our co-operative ties with colleagues around the world, are an invaluable advantage when solving the acoustical challenges of today's & tomorrow's world of sound. By using Earcons Acoustic, you can concentrate on designing and leave the worry about the technical issues to us. We're experts in making ceilings which provide the best acoustics and indoor environment so that when you work with our products, you can concentrate on developing the designs that meet the needs of your specific building.

Our Vision :

We aim to be leaders not only in the Acoustical solutions industry, but also all of our relationships. We are a company with sound vision for the future based on sustanbility, excellence, and innovation.

Company Mission

We work with other in a collective pursite of excellence. Collaboration is at the core of all our relationships. We collaborate with customers, colleagues, and other technical partners in order to reach common goals. We act with honesty, responsibility, and respect towards all the people and organizations with which we interact.

Our values :

Our values define the character of our company, just as much as the products and services that bear the Earcons Acoustic Building System brand.